2021 General Election

For the 2021 General Election, Commonwealth Forward conducted a robust vetting and endorsement process. We spoke to dozens of candidates and ultimately decided to support eight campaigns that aligned with our values of reducing corporate influence in elections.

Commonwealth Forward’s commitment to remaining available and supportive during the 2021 General Election was invaluable to our campaign. Their team was always on hand to assist where needed, and it was a pleasure to work with them.

Delegate Joshua Cole
HD28 Candidate

Furthermore we intentional selected candidates who may not receive the support nor financial resources of the traditional party establishment. With strategic investments, support, and training, we wanted to give a fighting chance to a new generation of bold leaders who will be champions of reform in the House of Delegates.

Without Commonwealth Forward, we wouldn’t have hit our door goal: a mission-critical gap in our campaign. The infrastructure and resources they provided enabled us to successfully execute our plan and talk to voters across the district.

Khalid Naji
HD66 Campaign Manager

Growth and vision

Over the next two years, Commonwealth Forward will invest in critical infrastructure to empower progressive candidates across the state. We will continue our vital work to ensure progressive leaders are uplifted and defended in Virginia. To these ends, we will offer a range of resources to candidates that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Strategic support for candidates.
  • Operational support for campaigns.
  • Training a new generation of candidates and staff.
  • Uplifting progressive coalitions.
  • Amplifying the progressive message.

Commonwealth Forward is providing a crucial and unprecedented service by lifting up candidates based on their values, not their personal financial means or connections. It can be difficult for candidates with progressive backgrounds to break through, but Commonwealth Forward helps make it possible.

Sullivan Peterson-Quinn
HD79 Campaign Manager

78ยข of every $1 raised reinvested in grassroots efforts

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Investments in the 2021 General Election

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