Commonwealth Forward is fighting to change our broken political system in Virginia. Our team is working to reverse the decades of bad policy making and self-dealing that has plagued Virginia. To accomplish our goal of a government that works for all Virginians, we must have an agenda that is as bold as our vision of change.

Commonwealth Forward is leading the fight on:

Campaign Finance Reform

Virginia state government is bought and paid for by big corporations who make their own laws that serve their own special interests. Our campaign finance laws must be reformed. Our endorsed candidates are committed to sponsoring or co-sponsoring legislation to fix Virginia’s campaign finance system on Day 1 of the 2024 legislative session. 

New Energy Economy

Big corporate energy companies are funneling campaign contributions to lawmakers that then create policy that favors outdated, dirty, dangerous and expensive fossil fuel energy solutions. Virginia cannot afford to keep footing the bill for corporations who don’t care about Virginians. Commonwealth Forward is leading the way to usher in a new era of clean energy alternatives that will be more affordable, safer and in line with the new energy economy that will transform the Commonwealth and create 21st Century jobs for our people.

Voting Access

A dangerous trend of limiting access to the ballot box has emerged in state legislatures across the country, and Virginia is no different. Republican lawmakers backed by their conservative super PAC’s have made it their top priority to deny voting access to people in minority and marginalized communities. We are committed to endorsing and supporting candidates who will create laws that ensure that no Virginian will ever be denied their right to vote.